Friday, December 31, 2010

New Name Sign!

I got an order for a pink, green and brown name sign for a new baby girl recently. Customer also wanted frogs, ladybugs, dragon fly's and hearts. I'm not going to lie...I was a little nervous at first, but I think it turned out perfect! I like the shabby chic feel of it and the cute colors and patterns.

8X10 name signs are $20 + $4.95 shipping.
Made to match whatever you would like them to match. ;)

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lotsa Clipboards and some Letter Blocks!

I have been busy!!! Here are a few recent orders I just finished up! Clipboards are quickly becoming my new favorite item! They are useful and super cute! They can be created to match a teacher's interests, classroom, or school colors! They can also be useful at home for chore charts for little ones! (there is even a little thing behind the clip part that allows for hanging them!)
Clipboards are $15 + $4.95 shipping!
To order, contact me at

The customer above asked for something "teacher-like" for a kindergarten teacher.

This teacher was a Saints fan!!

Another "teacher-like" clipboard! (hey...if you don't know their interests, you can't go wrong with "Teacher-like!" ) lol.

This block order is a little different than others. The three middle initials is the baby's monogram, then the crosses on each side. Customer requested this and said the babies room was pink, brown, and a hint of green. I thought the little green sparkles fit perfectly!
Letter blocks are $4.50 per block + shipping (depending on size of order)
Stay tuned...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Blog "Bling"!!!

Just finished "blinging" a couple blogs for Christmas!! So cute and in the holiday spirit!!!
Contact me at for details!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Order Pics!

Here are a couple order pics that have been done recently. The one above was for a little girl with a hot pink/zebra room. Customer wanted something girly...and nothing is more girly than sparkles!
8X10 name signs are $20 + shipping. 11X14 are $25 + shipping.
contact me at for orders and questions!

This was a first time order for a "last name" name sign to hang either behind a big tv or above a doorway. Customer just said she wanted leopard print and last name only.
These would also be cute with an established date on them or every family members first name.
This specific frame is about 12X36 and would be $40. Can make them smaller though, just email me size and I'll give you a good price!!
Stay tuned for more clipboards and letter blocks!