Friday, December 17, 2010

Lotsa Clipboards and some Letter Blocks!

I have been busy!!! Here are a few recent orders I just finished up! Clipboards are quickly becoming my new favorite item! They are useful and super cute! They can be created to match a teacher's interests, classroom, or school colors! They can also be useful at home for chore charts for little ones! (there is even a little thing behind the clip part that allows for hanging them!)
Clipboards are $15 + $4.95 shipping!
To order, contact me at

The customer above asked for something "teacher-like" for a kindergarten teacher.

This teacher was a Saints fan!!

Another "teacher-like" clipboard! (hey...if you don't know their interests, you can't go wrong with "Teacher-like!" ) lol.

This block order is a little different than others. The three middle initials is the baby's monogram, then the crosses on each side. Customer requested this and said the babies room was pink, brown, and a hint of green. I thought the little green sparkles fit perfectly!
Letter blocks are $4.50 per block + shipping (depending on size of order)
Stay tuned...

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