Sunday, February 28, 2010

First off, I'd like to thank everyone so far for their business!!! I am having so much fun creating so many different things! Thanks so much!!
Just a reminder...teachers are going to be stressing about this lil test called TAKS this month...why not give them something to make them smile! :) Click on the teachers signs button or get her some custom-made letter blocks...anything to make her feel special! :)
Contact me via or you can hit the little email icon on the bottom of this post!
Attached are a few new things I've created this month...hope you like them!
These are not "officially" an item in the store YET...but if you really want one...$20/each plus shipping (~$5) Shirts are great for birthday's or new siblings or anything for that matter! They don't even have to come in miniature's and teachers can order too! Customized to your liking....of course ;)

Some of my March blog designs so far...

Stay tuned for lots more in the coming week!

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