Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just finished a BIG project!! A nice customer ordered frames for all the seniors at her church, so I was BUSY! Just like any other "custom" order, the customer let me know a little about what she wanted on the frames, so here they are! I was able to fit the seniors' school (initials), year of graduation and any interests that the customer told me about! I think they turned out pretty cute!
Frames are only $12 + $4.95 shipping!
Here's the lineup!

It isn't very easy creating a frame for a grown up boy...but I did my best!! (If anything, maybe his mom will cherish it!!)

I was able to fit the high school mascot on this one!

Interest on this one is academics. (that is what the A+ is for!)

Interests on this one is the FFA/shows lambs and she makes jewelry...so I added a little "bling" to the lamb ;)
I hope the seniors like it! If anything...these frames just make me more excited for my own (college) graduation!! I CANNOT WAIT to see that cap and gown!!

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